Screamshire’s Wicked Halloween Album

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I’d had it in my mind to make a Halloween 7″ for this year. But when it came down to it, when deadline loomed for vinyl, I hadn’t managed to come up with anything. Disappointing.

However, about 2 weeks later (about 2 weeks ago) I suddenly felt a bit more inspired – I thought I’d do a digital EP, and then things grew, and then grew again, and then grew some more. In the last two weeks I ended up making you this Halloween album.

It’s a bit of fun, I hope you’ll enjoy it for that. The selections aren’t maybe strictly Halloween tracks, but hopefully fit a theme. Some of my favourite films and horror-tv shows are cut up in here too.

There are 6 proper full edits in here. For DJ use, I’ve also added them separately at the end.

I hope you enjoy this little album I cut together in the last couple of weeks. It was fun to make. I can see it becoming something I’ll repeat in future, especially the bit where I spent days rewatching and sampling horror films.