Forgotten Songs Vol. Three

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This is the third and final Forgotten Songs EP.

Atmospherics and sustained pads of humming sound. Calling up elements of influences like Boards Of Canada, Vangelis, Rae & Christian and Herbie Hancock.

These five songs came into existence during the period around making the last Scrimshire album Bight.

Since then I have had the pleasure of exploring them more with friends I have been collaborating with over the last 4 or 5 years.

As You Pass Me By and Reflection were recently written for by the incredible Daudi Matsiko.

I mixed Daudi’s debut EP, Gilles Peterson favourite and ‘All Winners’ selection ‘A Brief Introduction To Failure’ and have worked with him over the years as a part of collective ‘High Hopes Society’.

Another collaboration here is with another High Hopes member Chris Boot. A master on the drums, with an excellent ear for production and a hugely thoughtful touch. Chris took on a track that had proved evasive to me, and made it a wonder – Cloud Cover.

The final two tracks are all my own making, an exercise in exorcising some darkness. And with the cupboards now fully cleared I hope to make a proper start on new material soon.