Yosi Horikawa remix of Convergent

We got a few beautiful remixes done for the new single Convergent. Get a first listen to the Yosi Horikawa remix right here (and Pre-order the single here):

Yosi Horikawa is an incredible producer who has a growing reputation for manipulating found sounds in a beautiful way. All his mixes make use of space skilfully, are crisp but still deep and soulful. Most recently his collaboration with Jesse Boykins III on First Word Records has been getting a lot of play from me, but check out more of his productions here on his soundcloud too.

If you haven’t yet heard the original Convergent – listen here:

Album previews will start coming through shortly. As always, people on my list are the first to hear things so line up here.

I’ve got so much to write about at the moment and no time to get it together but I will bring you more soon I promise. I also have photos and videos from a trip to Dungeness last week that I’ll post in the next few days. The album launch has just been announced so grab tickets here: http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/scrimshire-bight-album-launch/

Plus this weekend we’re filming the video for Convergent.

Please support the single by grabbing a copy on iTunes or of course direct.

Loads of unexplained info there. See you soon.

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