A Free EP #2 – Forgotten Songs from The Hollow

Well this is the best Christmas present I could think of for all of you.

Written and recorded between 2009 and October 2011 this is a collection of songs that came together on the way to finishing The Hollow.

Some simply fell by the wayside due to collaborations being thwarted, or simply overlooked for different ideas. These songs are also without multitracks – I switched studio setups during The Hollow and simply don’t have the original work, so I’ve dug out the stereo mixdowns (which are a bit rough admittedly) and done my best to spruce them up for you.

Some formed the basis for better realised ideas but this is where certain methods or techniques were first tried and explored. Like the fairly Vangelis inspired 1000 Lost Letters which was part of a couple of improvisations, the second of which became the harp piece The Hollow.

All I Do was an experiment with recording the awful drum kit that was used for the entire of The Hollow. Particularly in this case to experiment with sounds for Through A Window.

A track like Repeat was simply the outlet of frustration and energy during the non-writing, mix and production period – a throwaway, an hour spent with all the instruments out, multi-tracking everything in one session as an improvisation.

Say Something was the very first track written after Devil i think. It was done for a compilation put together by members of the Brownswood message board called FYE. Seek it out.

And the Sun Ra cover, well apart from the fact I’m fascinated by Sun Ra, was a request from Black Classical, an amazing collector, DJ, podcaster and font of knowledge – especially in the world of obscure jazz. He asked me to cover it and I thought it would be interesting to take on.

These tracks might not have the polish or have been edited quite as severely as the tracks that appeared on the album but they are ones that still were worth sharing in all their rough, honest form. I hope you enjoy them. Please share and leave any comments below. I actually do love to hear your thoughts… mostly the nice ones.

And remember – it’s the thought that counts!

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