The Sylvers – Handle It (Scrimshire Re-edit)

A few months back while I was DJing a lot more I was making quite a few edits up, just for personal use, some things that I thought would work for me.

I’ve always been a massive Sylvers fan. The first 3 albums in particular are classics that I go back to again and again, I’ve played a fair bit of them in my podcasts over the years too (which reminds me that I really should do a new one soon).

Anyway, I’ve played Handle It out for many years and love it, but always wanted another minute or so of it and, on some occasions, a bit of a straighter tempo to mix with.

So I popped this little retouch together. Nothing too clever, just straightened it up and lengthened out the groove. You may download it at your own will. In a bizarre twist of reality even Leon Sylvers III has heard it and says it’s good! So that’s the only endorsement you need… Go grab it!


  • paul says:

    lovely edit, play it heaps from the 7″ here in Western Australia. Proper boogie biznizz

  • adam says:

    Thanks Paul. Such a great track I’ve played for ages. Just wanted a bit more of it and a bit more reliable speedwise.

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