Remix for Debian Blak

I have some music out this week.

Debian Blak’s recent Hawks & Spies EP has been given the remix treatment, with me in amongst them. I’ve appropriately remixed his track Idiot Stem.

I’ve picked up my gorgeous classical guitar and set up my Rhodes and hit them and played them. Mingled in with the steel pan and vocal glitches of the original. The bass is played on the acoustic guitar too and then pitched down. With the beats simply coming from the “start / stop” button on the techics 1210 by my desk.

To some extent this gives you an indication of where I am at sonically right now and what the new material due next year is starting to sound like. In fact particularly as this started out slightly differently, but I was so into the original idea that I kept it for myself. It’s currently sitting at track 3 on the new album. There’s not masses of similarities between the two now, but the inspiration came from the same place.

I’m playing the acoustic (and electric) guitar more than ever, particularly with it being a big part of our live show, and that combined with the Ableton work we do live has informed some of this new material a lot. Not that I’ve been using Ableton (music creation and performance software for the non-music geeks among us) much to write – it doesn’t work well for me like that, I still prefer the older formats.

Anyway, check out Idiot Stem and tell me what you think.

P.S. I think there may well be a new Free E.P. of unreleased material surfacing in the next month so keep your eyes open.

P.P.S. I believe you’re also going to be able to check out an interview I did with Huey Morgan on his BBC 6Music show this weekend. Tune in if you can.

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