Did you meet the Devil?

In May 2009 I put out my very first album. Just the other day my iTunes chucked me into a track off the old album and I thought it would be interesting to go back and listen to what it sounded like.

I’ve developed this idea in my head that it sounds like something a dog with fake plastic hands on it’s hind legs might put together if you sat it on a mixing desk. it actually doesn’t – it’s okay!?

But my suspicion is that not many people ever heard it – yet there are a few people in the last year that have really picked up on The Hollow. So I thought for a very short while (from now until Monday morning) I would make it available as a free download. It’s a part of my story after all – I want people to get the full picture.

Please grab your own copy and tell others to do the same.

This was the first time I worked with Stac, some time before I started playing in her band and helping with her first album. It was the first track I made with Inga-Lill Aker. It has strings recorded by Middlewood Sessions in Sheffield. Drums by Jack Baker (Bonobo, Alice Russell, Lealea Jones). Trumpets recorded in Hungary would you believe and some of my oldest friends including Paul Hodson on Bass, Rob Hynd on vocals and Claire Laurent on vocals too.

It’s a little more folky, a little more jazz and is a document of me finding my way to what I wanted to do. Enjoy.

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