Almost pointlessly, but brilliantly creative morning…

My last dream of the night last night was quite something. So much so that I awoke and immediately had to explain it to my girlfriend – even before coffee and with barely open eyes. As a result a sudden influx of thoughts and ideas and inspiration hit my head in one big rush the likes of which I’ve never known… Including a reasonably well formed beginning and ending of a completely unrelated short story/film and the missing melody for a verse of a song I’m working on! In the first 2 minutes of waking. Brilliant.

But more importantly… the dream:

I awoke in a dream… As Steve Carell himself/myself. I vaguely remembered, as Steve, that I had been Adam just tuning into a film about two warring newspapers.

I, Steve Carell, was playing a character in a straight role who owned a brand new newspaper about to launch it’s first edition in competition with a well established newspaper in the building next door, run by either Meryl Streep or Angela Merkl, I can’t quite remember.

It was the night of going to press and we were running close to the wire – a truck was soon arriving to take both papers to the distributors (I’m not sure how the business works and this seems like a peculiar and inaccurate embellishment of my brain, or maybe I can blame the script writer – how deep do we want to go?).

Five stories up, there is lots of shouting going on. Through the wall of windows I see the truck arriving and Meryl/Angela having her papers rushed out there. Suddenly I realise she has had a sly word with the driver and he’s readying himself to leave. MerylGela has lied and told him we aren’t here – told him he was mislead! I don’t know how I gathered this plot development – it’s a dream for god’s sake.

So we rush down the stairs, with arms and trolleys full of boxes of newspapers but he’s gone! Somehow I hijack a van and we chase him to the distributors. At which point my brain seemingly got bored as… Cut to distributors, Angelyl has been shamed and embarrassed and our paper goes out on time! WOOHOO!

Cue much laughing and hilarity. At which point I say “show me the paper – what’s it about?” – confusion from all around, to which I explain… “I missed the first 20 minutes of the film and have absolutely no idea what the paper is actually about!”.

Laughing all around, “classic Steve” I can tell they’re all thinking, as we turn over the paper to discover it is…

The Wine Times.


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