Gilles Peterson album of the week!

Proclaimed to be making good decisions. Subsequently stopped making good decisions. Some philosophy about making choices and taking control, not being upset by things beyond control.

Making loads of bad decisions. Realising I’ve got new bearings and things to learn before starting to make right decisions again.

That sums up what I was going to write about in my next blog post on here. But I’m not anymore…

Last Saturday Gilles Peterson made The Hollow his album of the week. We knew about it a couple of days before thanks to Gilles letting Dom know as he headed off to Cuba (Gilles that is, not Dom). But it didn’t really prepare me for how exciting it would actually be.

I got to listen to it while at a housewarming party with lots of Wah Wah family around me. I felt a little embarrassed at the time, not sure why, though I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the vocal on the version of A Promise Is All It Was that got played. Not so much about Afar, I like that one – featuring the beautiful Rhodes playing of Jessica Lauren (check out her new Jessica Lauren Four album on Freestyle). Here is a video from when we were making it…

In fact I have some amazing outtakes from that session that I always said I would use for an alternative version. Some of one take is in one of the postcards I made before the album came out – watch/listen to Postcard 3 here.

Anyway, since Saturday I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by how many lovely messages, tweets and emails I’ve received about the album, it’s been a truly special experience. And lots of other beautiful things seem to have come about as a result too. Things I will be able to share in good time. But for now, basically, I’m very happy and feeling very lucky.

Thanks to all the new people who have joined us here, on the mailing list, on facebook and twitter and in all manner of ways. And ESPECIALLY, thank you to all those of you who have been supporting me for the last 6 or 7 years, helping me spread the word about this music, about Wah Wah and our beautiful family. There are lots of gigs planned in the coming months so I hope to get to meet more and more of you as we travel around.

In the meantime, if you didn’t know, my singles (see hear them all on the releases and home page of this site) are all available as “Name Your Price” downloads. So if you don’t want to pay anything and just need the music in your house, pocket, wherever, then you’re welcome to pay nothing.

Or you could make a contribution of any amount you like – I’ve been lusting after a Canon 5D MkII to film new short movies for the next album – that’s about £2k all in if anyone wants to pay that for a digital copy of Everything You Say…

Thank you! xx

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