A Promise Is All It Was – live, acoustic, in the snow…


As the snow finally came down on Saturday night, I grabbed all my candles, my camera and tripod, my scarf, two tshirts, a jumper, a heavy coat, 2 pairs of trousers and headed out into the snow.

I came back for my guitar shortly after too.

And more candles. Then I tried to take a lamp out and severely cut a finger on my right hand and thought I’d screwed the whole thing up.

Taped up and ready to go I went back in to the garden and recorded this video of A Promise Is All It Was. I hope you like it. I enjoyed it as the snow came down, regardless of my cold fingers and my guitar not wanting to stay in tune. It was cold and lovely.

Home Video

We spent a weekend in the woods of Richmond park a few months back. Here is the result. My first music video. For the track Home.

Buy direct: scrimshire.bandcamp.com/​album/​home-feat-faye-houston
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/​gb/​album/​home-feat.-faye-houston-ep/​id472266783

A Go Team Geek production for Wah Wah. More details below. Massive thank you to everyone who spent two days in the wet woods with us and gave up their weekend to be a part of it. xxx

Produced and Directed by Kat Caldwell-Neil
Camera: Dave Strutt
Additional camera: Adam Scrimshire, Francesca Chen, Cameron Wauchope
Dancers: Jennifer Dunne, Caleb Lloyd Hunte, Tori Lyons, Kelsey Williams

Postcard 03 – a late night affair

So here it is, the hardest one so far. Although I put that down to the fact that I am 4 days from my album deadline. I have spent the last few days doing everything necessary to get the album ready.

I’m now down to going through systematically tweaking each track in turn, mixing down, going off for a listen, making notes, coming back and going through each one again. Yesterday I got through half way. But that was 10pm in the end. So I didn’t start on this Postcard til 10.30pm.

And boy did I struggle with it. I ended up using some footage that I wasn’t expecting too. but at 3am it was getting to me, and I knew I had to get up and get back to things this morning. SO my judgement was hazy.

Then at 7.30 this morning I decided it wasn’t good enough. So I filmed a whole bunch of new footage to tell the story I originally wanted to tell. Light was perfect so I got stuck in. And I feel a bit better about it now.

Postcard 03 features Jessica Lauren. On our day recording together we spent a lot of time at the end of the session messing around with an echoplex (tape echo machine – you play a signal in and a single rotating piece of tape records it and reads it back as it spins back around over and over, gradually decaying over time) a Wah Wah pedal too and the Rhodes.

These are elements of that little play around and elements of the main track ‘Afar’. As always I hope you enjoy.

Postcard number 2 – and why I’m doing them.

This is becoming a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The idea was to put together 8 short videos that would represent a part of the journey to a place called The Hollow. A place somewhere between the actual hiding holes or spaces I knew as a kid playing out in the woods and any space you might remember from your childhood… that really cool little spot you found that you felt like no one else knew about, even if only for a few hours.

I was going to prepare them all at once and then squeeze them out over the coming weeks, but I changed my mind. I’m now putting these together on a weekly basis. Going out and filming, popping it all together, opening up the album track project and doing a one-minute alternative version to go with the footage I have.

It’s my first exploration of doing film properly too, so it’s a learning experience. Arguably it’s an odd time to do it when I’m busy with finalising the album and the single and various parts of what that involves, but actually it’s quite a relaxing, creative process and I like it.

And I really want to show my favourite month and season gradually evolving over the next 6 to 8 weeks. Anyway, here is “Postcard” number 2. I really hope you enjoy the film and more importantly, the preview of this next album track.

The Hollow – First postcard arrives…

So as promised there are a series of videos on the way – each one featuring a alternative version of a track off the new album.

And today the first one arrives, simultaneously announcing also the release date (21st November 2011) and the album title… The Hollow.

You can watch the video below but all postcards will be collected on their own page at www.scrimshire.com/postcards

I hope you enjoy this little visual and audio treat. I was out filming this one at dawn yesterday, the others will be compiled as the season changes, though a little bit of story telling will happen along the way too. Please, as always, help to spread the word. xx