Yosi Horikawa remix of Convergent

Scrimshire fishing hut Dungeness bight

We got a few beautiful remixes done for the new single Convergent. Get a first listen to the Yosi Horikawa remix right here (and Pre-order the single here):

Yosi Horikawa is an incredible producer who has a growing reputation for manipulating found sounds in a beautiful way. All his mixes make use of space skilfully, are crisp but still deep and soulful. Most recently his collaboration with Jesse Boykins III on First Word Records has been getting a lot of play from me, but check out more of his productions here on his soundcloud too.

If you haven’t yet heard the original Convergent – listen here:

Album previews will start coming through shortly. As always, people on my list are the first to hear things so line up here.

I’ve got so much to write about at the moment and no time to get it together but I will bring you more soon I promise. I also have photos and videos from a trip to Dungeness last week that I’ll post in the next few days. The album launch has just been announced so grab tickets here: http://www.soundcrashmusic.com/scrimshire-bight-album-launch/

Plus this weekend we’re filming the video for Convergent.

Please support the single by grabbing a copy on iTunes or of course direct.

Loads of unexplained info there. See you soon.

Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady, my edit


Afternoon, I’ve got more musical goods for you. When the sun came out it felt like it was time to share this so please dive in and grab your copy.

Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady (Scrimshire Edit) by Scrimshire

Also, don’t forget I’m on stage at The Garage with Hackney Colliery Band and United Vibrations tomorrow night. My full live band on at 9.30. Tickets just £12 in advance.

Splendidly Blended Podcast 32 – May 2012

Splendidly Blended Podcast 32


Time for a new mix do you think? I do.

With a summer of DJing approaching I thought I’d do a bit more of a mix mix if you see what I mean. A little more upbeat, a bit heavy at times even. I hope you don’t mind. Please share and enjoy.

I’ve got music from the amazing Persian! I almost had 3 tracks in here but ended up with just one! More next time for sure. The only time you’ll hear me play any Queen thanks to the very clever Mr Will Holland, a couple of my own dubplates (be sure to check the site for downloads), something stunning from Evy Jane and an old favourite…

Splendidly Blended Podcast 32 Download Link


Ebo Taylor, Uhuru-Yenzu – What Is Life? (Strutt)
Colman Brothers – El Nino (Frameworks Remix)(Wah Wah 45s)
Merry Clayton – Southern Man (Scrimshire Edit) (Wah Dubplate)
Longineu Parsons – Funkin’ Around (Luv N’ Haight)
Persian – Unknown (Existence Is Resistance)
Jessie Ware – Running (PMR Records)
Evy Jane – Ohso (King Deluxe)
Reilly Steel – Risin’ (Top Billin Music)
Batida – Bazuka (Quem Me Rusgou) (Soundway)
Kalbata – Freetown (Greenmoney Recordings)
Soultec/Aquasion – Unworthy (Urban Jazz Records)
Cinematic Orchestra – Reel Life (Evolution II) (Ninja Tune)
Stevie Wonder – Golden Lady (Scrimshire Edit) (Wah Dubplate)
Los Miticos Del Ritmo – Another One Bites The Dust (Soundway)

Out of control

album 3 iTunes track list

I’ve been meaning to write to you for ages, but I’ve been quite focused on other things.

Pretty much as soon as I pressed “publish” on the post about getting started on writing again I started writing again.

I picked up my guitar two days later and began playing with ideas. Ideas turned into solid concepts and progress and by the end of that day I’d written the basics of a song. Guitar, beats, keys, a start, a middle and an end. So the following day I did the same; got on with my day-to-day work at Wah Wah 45s, soldiered through a good 4 or 5 hours up to lunch, worked out, ate lunch, picked up my guitar, wrote a song. Something strange was going on!

Two for two!? On day three I heard a song and decided to cover it, went into the basement, recorded drums, guitars, rhodes, piano. Came upstairs, mixed it, job done.

Day four I took the end of that track and messed with it and sampled it and morphed another track out of it’s dieing sounds. Another keeper. And this has continued.

I can’t write every day sadly, there is a label to run, there’s a band to sort out and an existing album to promote. Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week I was either picking up equipment for a video we’re making this weekend or I was playing at gigs. Monday we released the Part-Time Heroes new album, an incredibly exciting day, one of the best bits of running a label.

But today after a meeting, I came back and have just written a new song. Maybe the best of the bunch. I’ve committed 9 ideas to tape so far, with beats, some vocals and full production and first mix. That’s approximately 1 every 2 and a half days. One needs some serious attention and has sat on the back burner over the weekend. Two just don’t feel quite right in the scheme of things, but six I care about. So right now I feel like I want to try and finish album 3 before the end of March – at least from a writing point of view.

It might be a silly goal, but maybe not. I’ve not written this prolifically, or enjoyed the writing process so much since I first started making music. It’s quite intoxicating.

But for now I’ll try and keep it simple. The main reason this keeps happening is because every day that it is humanly possible to do so, and almost without exception, I give myself the opportunity to be creative and to write. I give myself at least 30 minutes to just play and play around. If ever the urge takes me I allow myself to stop working and pick up an instrument.

It might sound silly but it is important. More often than not I’ve denied myself that like it is a luxury I don’t have, I don’t have the time… But I’ve made the time. I haven’t made excuses and I haven’t dissuaded myself. I’ve just gone and done it. And I’m all the happier for it.

New single with Heidi Vogel – a little taster!

Scrimshire Everything You Say 800x400

It’s been a long time since I put out any vinyl but the right opportunity came up this time round. The next single will be out on March 19th and it is Everything You Say featuring the incredible Heidi Vogel.

This was the last track I got together for the album and involved a really exciting visit to Heidi where she blasted the track to another level inside of 2 hours work pretty much!

When I was putting together the postcards for the album I did an edit of the track, dubbed it out a lot (see video at the bottom) and it made me want to do a complete rework myself. That is this:

But on top of that we also have a dub and vocal “Deep Bump” remix from LV! Which is exactly why it feels right to do this on vinyl. So there will be a 12″ out, plus a digital release which includes a radio edit, the LV vocal mix, my remix, an instrumental version and a brand new acoustic version of A Promise Is All It Was.

Very exciting. So, check out my remix and if you want to pre-order the limited edition vinyl you can do so now, direct from me. Vinyl buyers get ALL of the digital release too.


A Promise Is All It Was – live, acoustic, in the snow…


As the snow finally came down on Saturday night, I grabbed all my candles, my camera and tripod, my scarf, two tshirts, a jumper, a heavy coat, 2 pairs of trousers and headed out into the snow.

I came back for my guitar shortly after too.

And more candles. Then I tried to take a lamp out and severely cut a finger on my right hand and thought I’d screwed the whole thing up.

Taped up and ready to go I went back in to the garden and recorded this video of A Promise Is All It Was. I hope you like it. I enjoyed it as the snow came down, regardless of my cold fingers and my guitar not wanting to stay in tune. It was cold and lovely.