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I can be got hold of many ways.

If you just want to drop me a line just use the form below.

If you are interested in booking me for either a live band performance, DJ Set or remix/production contact: Dom Servini

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  • Marlon

    Hi Mr Scrimshire,

    First of all big up to what I would say is the best album of the year, which I said to my wife’s cousin Nick who then told me that his wife Lou used to share a flat with you and they new you (small world). Anyway thanks for the music and I love all of what WAH WAH 45s is all about.

    I thought I would share a mix of chilled jazzy vibes that I did at the weekend, comes in 2 parts. Give it a listen when you get a mo.

    Looking forward to more music.


  • adam

    Hi Marlon, really small world!
    Thanks for your lovely words and for taking the time to come and tell me.
    I will check out these mixes – do you have a podcast?