I am a songwriter and player of instruments. I am a DJ and a producer. I am one of the men behind independent record label Wah Wah 45s.

I love music, I love food, I love being outdoors, I love being indoors, I love zombie films, I love rum and ginger beer, I love Seas and Rivers, I love making music, I love filming things, I love bringing new artists and bands to the world, I love coffee and tea, I love Bjork and Stevie Wonder, I love Haruki Murakami and David Mitchell, I love Nintendo, I love vinyl, I love my family.

If you want to hear my music look at my home page.

If you want to download free music from me, please do so here.

If you want me to send you digital gifts and messages then please join my list here.

If you want to talk to me on a daily basis, meet me on twitter or facebook here.


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  • http://www.allfunkdup.podbean.com Andy Whiting

    Hey Adam, really liking your music, bit of a WahWah45 fan but the main reason Im sending you this message is I heard your cheeky Sea Lion track on Gilles’ podcast with Dom Servini, what a tune. I know its a bit of cheek for me to ask but what are the chances of getting a copy? Im starting a little funk/jazz kinda night in Bournemouth and that tune is killer!!
    All the best anyway, keep up the work.


    All Funk’d Up

  • James Burrows

    As above really, any news on the whether your remix of Sea Lion – See an enemy is going to get released?

  • adam

    Hi James, you can get the Sealion edit on my soundcloud page… http://soundcloud.com/scrimshire/sealion-scrimshire-see-an-enemy-remix

  • http://www.black-thought.com Black-Thought

    Hey Adam,

    I posted Stac’s All or Nothing video on my blog http://www.black-thought.com sometime back and you thanked me for it. Thru some glitch I didn’t see your comment until now. You’re more than welcome. I love good music and the video was great, as well. Thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog. I’d appreciate your keeping me posted when you come out with anything new. Continued support with the music.

  • adam

    Thanks for the comment, i do really appreciate the support. Will definitely let you know when new things are coming. My own album is coming early next year.
    Take care,

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